When so many are struggling for connection, inspiration and hope, FANTASTIC FUNGI brings us together as interconnected creators of our world.

Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

New Messages from Mother Earth

With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, 'Home' is a depiction of how Earth's problems are all interlinked.



A collection of stories about and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be human.

Jamie Oliver is back on the campaign trail investigating the huge contribution sugar is making to rising global health problems and asking what can be done about it.

​Covering varying approaches to mindfulness by a range of San Francisco Bay Area programs, May I Be Happy reminds us of children's natural capacity for wellbeing, resilience and happiness.

Did we all already exist in different bodies, genders, continents and environments? The belief system of reincarnation is implying just that.

Epic stories, ancient traditions, incredible people. Rituals shines a new light on the most fascinating creatures on our planet – humans.

Discovering that sharks are being hunted to extinction, and with them the destruction of our life support system - activist and filmmaker Rob Stewart embarks on a dangerous quest to stop the slaughter. Following the sharks - and the money - into the elusive pirate fishing industry, Stewart uncovers a multi-billion dollar scandal that makes us all accomplices in the greatest wildlife massacre ever known.

Sharkwater is a 2006 Canadian documentary film written and directed by Rob Stewart. Helping to protect sharks, changing government policy, and inspiring the creation of shark conservation groups, Sharkwater is considered one of conservation's success stories, resulting in shark finning being banned in over 90 countries.


Still Alice

A linguistics professor and her family find their bonds tested when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. An emotional and powerful drama starring Julianne Moore, Alex Baldwin and Kristen Stewart. Awarded with an Ocscar and Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress.