WHY Mind & Spirit ?

By founding our new brand and label Mind & Spirit, we at polyband are living our vision to explore and share the greatness and depth of ancient wisdom and brand-new findings around the human body, mind, soul & our life on planet earth. Modern spiritual questions find their home here, as much as engaged documentaries focusing on sustainability and new ways of working, thinking & acting mindfully.

Mind & Spirit stands for the magical power of the moving image, for holistic perceptions and authentic information. We are building a bridge between high-quality and first-class entertainment, exciting science and emotional inspiration – just an offer, no moralising undertones.

Our movies inspire, empower and remind people of the strength of truthful content.

Take some time and get to know not only our programme but also yourself a little better. Unite heart and brain with powerful stories that point out connections you maybe never perceived. Allow yourself to be open for new horizons – and most importantly: have fun.